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Jan Morel 簽名系列。

Bow Tox 結構框架設計為每個面板提供精確的尺寸,允許完美對齊的組裝。

Bow Tox 系列是 Jan Morel 和 Artnovion 合作的產物。

Bow Tox 結構框架設計為每個面板提供精確的尺寸,允許完美對齊的組裝。
Bow Tox 有 3 種不同的尺寸。是一種使用彎曲技術設計的非常有效的吸收器。
Bow Tox 擅長控制第一次反射,適用於處理寬帶頻率範圍。
Bow Tox 是 A 級產品,吸收值為 1αw,保證了出色的性能。


弓毒吸收器 |範圍

  • Bow Tox - Units per box: 8

    Bow Tox Dimi M - Units per box: 4

    Bow Tox Dimi S - Units per box: 8



    Absorption range:
    125 Hz to 5000Hz

    Acoustic Class:
    A | (aw) = 1,0



    - First reflection control

    - RT reduction

    - Extended mid-low frequency absorption

    - Reducing excessive reveberation


    Recommended for

    - Control Room

    - Recording Room

    - Home Studio

    - Broadcast Studio

    - Vocal Booth


    Manufactured with premium materials and carefully wrapped with acoustic fabric.

    Available fire rates:
    FG | Furniture Grade

    - Acoustic fabric
    - Marine grade plywood structural frame
    - Calibrated cell acoustic foam

    Range Dimensions:
    Bow Tox - Absorber | 595x595x75mm
    Bow Tox Dimi S - Absorber | 595x297x75mm
    Bow Tox Dimi M - Absorber | 892x297x107mm
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