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High performance Diffuser.


Siena Diffuser is a carefully calibrated phase diffuser, that provides even scattering from 1000 to 6000 Hz, helping to create a uniform sound field through mid and high frequency diffusion, with minimal loss of energy. Designed with trademark slatted siena pattern, it is available in a wide range of finishes. Siena diffuser has a premium furniture grade quality that fits perfectly in any Home cinema, listening or media room.


Why use diffusion?
Diffuser panels scattering incoming sound waves into smaller, lower energy waves, scattered over a large area. These scattered reflections create a homogeneous sound field distribution and a full, balanced acoustic response. This improves speech intelligibility, music quality, and creates a more uniform, larger sweet spot.

Siena W - Diffuser

  • Units per box: 2



    Scattering Range:

    1000 Hz to 6000 Hz



    - Flutter echo control
    - Specular reflection control
    - Enlarging sweet spot


    Recommended for

    - Hi-Fi Listening Room
    - Media Room
    - Home Cinema


    Available fire rate:
    FG | Furniture Grade



    Siena Diffuser | Natural wood veneer (FG)
    - Natural wood veneer
    - Marine-grade Plywood Structural Frame


    Siena Diffuser | Lacquered HMDF (FG)
    - Lacquered HMDF
    - Marine-grade Plywood Structural Frame




    Siena - Diffuser | 595x595x66mm


    Integrated Fixing System
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