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Upgrade from Sonarworks Reference Studio 3 or 4 to SoundID Reference Studio for Speakers & Headphones Download


A speaker and headphone calibration software delivering consistently accurate studio reference sound.

Sonarworks is the leading sound calibration company in the sound recording industry.

Their products are relied-upon by more than 30,000 recording studios worldwide, including 25 Grammy winners who enjoy and endorse Sonarworks.

Now Sonarworks are on a mission to take this even further - deliver the ultimate sound experience to all music listeners, regardless of the device used, be it headphones, speakers, or car stereo.


Product Description

Upgrade your studio to make even better mixing decisions! The latest product
upgrade includes reimagined UX to ease your workflow, additional software features
to improve your mixes and smaller improvement for advanced monitoring. After the
upgrade all previously created profiles will work as previously - you will be able to pick
up right where you were.


P.S. Please allow 24/48hrs to receive the download/serial number

Upgrade Sonarworks Reference Studio 3 or 4 to SoundID Reference Studio Download

庫存單位: SNW-SW4U5SD
  • ● Speaker calibration: save as many profiles as needed
    ● Headphone calibration profiles for 280+ supported models
    ● Custom target: target curve adjustments in real time
    ● Translation Check: simulating 20+ different devices and device types for accurate mix translation results everywhere without leaving the workstation
    ● 3 filter modes: Zero Latency, Mixed and Linear Phase
    ● Additional DSP processing controls: Mono, Dry/Wet and Safe Headroom
    ● MIDI mapping in the SoundID Reference app for various controls
    ● User Presets in the SoundID Reference app for switching quickly between predefined output device/channel pair combinations

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