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Designed for subtly playful yet inspiring creations.

Valley CS is a distinctive and highly efficient absorber that plays with geometric patterns to create abstract shapes. Different elements can be connected in a variety of geometric patterns to generate  unpredictable and asymmetric designs using a discreet modular installation system.
This modular system uses four different wooden cores: a Bass Trap, Absorber, Diffuser, and Speaker options. Each provides distinct functionality while keeping the same design.
The acoustic covers can be easily swapped or replaced.


Bass Traps reduce low frequency room modes, diminishing the effect of standing waves.
Absorbers remove energy from incoming sound waves, reducing reflections and overall reverberation time.
Diffusers scatter energy over a wide area,bcreating more homogenous sound fields.
Speaker cores seamlessly integrate in-wall speakers.


Discover our Cinema Series, a flexible range that can be adapted to a wide variety of environments and is tailored into beautiful, timeless, multifunctional designs.



Suede: sh Grey Ink Black, Violet Blue

For all other colors please inquire.

Valley CS | Cinema Series

  • Units per box: 4


    Valley CS + Absorber Core
    Absorption Range: 200 Hz to 8000 Hz
    Acoustic Class: B | (aw) = 0,8

    Valley CS + Bass Trap Core
    Absorption Range: 100 Hz to 125 Hz

    Valley CS + Diffuser Core
    Scattering Range: 1000 Hz to 8000 Hz



    - First reflection Control
    - RT reduction
    - Extended mid-low frequency absorption
    - Flutter echo control
    - Reducing excessive reverberation
    - Improving speech intelligibility


    Recommended for
    - Home Cinemas
    - Media Rooms



    FG - SF | 595x595x72mm

    FG - WF | 595x595x72mm


    Fixing Systems

    Valley CS includes an integrated fixing system

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