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Outstanding tuneable performance.

Absorption coefficient .

New fine-tuning possibilities. The Vector Corner bass trap incorporates the tuneable membrane technology used in the Artnovion Bass Trap range combined with the fascinating design of Jan Morel.The panels' tuneable membrane works in a similar way to a speaker cone, allowing for a much superior - and controlled - performance. A central mass is supported by an elastic membrane - This mass can then be altered to change the resonant frequency of the membrane, stepping the peak performance of the Trap from 57 to 82 Hz.The Vector Corner Bass Trap combines perfectly with the range of absorber panels and furniture designed by Jan Morel.


The design of these acoustic cores creates a trap with unprecedented performance and unique calibration – Absorbing more - and from a lower frequency - than anything else on the market.

The front of the panels clips in to the bass trap body, leaving easy access to the membrane. The panel is installed on wall corners, with a simple cleat system.

Making the most of our new membrane technology employed in the Sub Trap range, we are launching an improved version of our bass trap HP.
The new membrane brings new fine-tuning possibilities and even more performance than before. It has been redesigned, forgoing the rounded sides to include a new dedicated sealed-cavity Helmholtz resonator at the back – and also elegantly hiding its cleat fixing system.


For color customisation please visit:

Vector Bass Trap Corner

Vector W - Bass Trap - Corner

  • 每盒單位: 2

    - 可調活塞隔膜吸收器 (TPDA)

    - 57Hz 至 82Hz。
    - 逐赫茲微調
    - 高效低音陷阱


    - 房間模式控制
    - 低音比控制
    - 低頻RT減少
    - 改善低頻響應
    - 減少低頻時間衰減


    - 控制室
    - 錄音室
    - 家庭工作室
    - 廣播工作室

    - 製作室
    - 鼓室

    - 吸音布* |天然木飾面 |塗漆 HMDF |實木
    - 海洋級膠合板結構框架
    - 校準的細胞聲學泡沫



    尺寸: 595x595x156mm

    性能- 使用 Corner Bass Trap 性能圖表來估計在某些房間大小中實現不同 dB 降低水平所需的單元數量。

    效率- 為了獲得最大效率,Corner Bass Trap 裝置應始終安裝在您希望處理的房間模式的壓力區。

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